Shenita Howard

Shenita Howard is the fiancée of Latrell Dangelo Butler, currently incarcerated at Red Onion State prison. Shenita and Latrell grew up together and were high school sweethearts in Norfolk, Virginia. Now Latrell is incarcerated eight hours away. Shenita doesn’t drive and there is no bus to get there, so she is only able to see him when she can catch a ride with someone else going down to visit. Latrell has been in prison for ten years, and they have stayed together the whole time. For her audio postcard, Shenita went on a walk and recorded the sounds of her neighborhood to send out to Latrell. She shares her hopes and dreams for their future together, and sends him out his favorite song.

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About Latrell’s Case: Latrell Dangelo Butler was charged with armed robbery when he was sixteen years old. His family could not afford a lawyer. After his arrest he confessed during an interrogation without legal representation. He was tried as an adult, convicted and sentenced to ten years.   The majority of his time has been spent in adult super maximum-security facilities. He has been unable to access enough classes in prison to earn his GED. After ten years in prison he will come home this March 2016, without a GED. He will be twenty-six years old.