Michelle Hudson

Michelle Hudson is the fiancée of William Griffin, currently incarcerated at Wallens Ridge State Prison. Michelle lives seven hours away in Northern Virginia. She recorded herself for months to create this postcard for William, taking the recorder to the pool, to her daughter’s Christmas concert, to William’s mother’s seventieth birthday party. She captured the voices of family members he hadn’t heard in years, including a surprise at the end – a message from his son, whose voice he hadn’t heard in 18 years.


About William’s Case: At twenty years old, William was charged with robbery. If convicted it would be his second felony. Leading up to the trial his court appointed lawyer was pressuring him to take a plea bargain.  Fearing that he would get a very long sentence, he attempted to escape from the courthouse. In doing so he got into a physical altercation with a court officer and caught his third strike, under Virginia’s three strikes law.  He was sentenced to life in prison at 21 years old. He is now 42.