Bonnie Turner

Bonnie Turner is the mother of Rudolph “Jay” Darryl Turner Jr., currently incarcerated at Wallens Ridge State Prison. Bonnie and her family live in Chesapeake, Virginia, 9 hours away. For her postcard, Bonnie hosted a fried chicken dinner and brought together her whole family – all of Jay’s siblings, nieces, and great-niece. Because of how far the prison is from them, and how expensive it is to get there, at the time they recorded this postcard none of them had seen Jay in years.

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About Jay’s Case: Rudolph “Jay” Darryl Turner Jr. was convicted of armed robbery and abduction at age twenty-three. His family could not afford a lawyer. He was sentenced to seventy years in prison. Because Virginia abolished parole in 1994, he has no possibility for parole. His release date is 2071. He will be 96 years old.