Restorative Radio uses the web, video, radio and media training tools to support families in staying connected to their loved ones incarcerated far from home, and community organizations and policy advocates working on this issue. The project is rooted in Appalshop’s nationally recognized Calls from Home program (formerly Holler to the Hood), which for more than a decade has sent messages and songs out over the radio from family members to their loved ones incarcerated in the mountains of Central Appalachia, on Appalshop’s community radio station WMMT-FM. Calls from Home was created in response to aggressive state and federal initiatives to build prisons to offset a failing Appalachian coalmining economy – eight prisons are now located within a 100-mile radius of the station. Many of the people incarcerated in these prisons are hundreds if not thousands of miles away
from home, and the show provides a lifeline for families to stay in touch.

Restorative Radio believes open dialogue and access to the means of communication are necessary elements for healing to begin – for individuals, families, communities and a nation profoundly affected by prison growth and mass incarceration.